Coming Together


As you have been made aware by now we at Friendship will be hosting the Central Baptist Church of Port Arthur. This is an exciting and well ordered Christian experience for both churches. We find in 1 John chapter 1 the instruction to not only love one another in word, but in deed as well not depriving the brother in need as Christ has given us the excellent example of laying down his very life for us. 

Central is coming to us having been deeply overwhelmed by the powerful flood that swept through the Gulf Coast in August of last year. Their building took significant damage; enough to where they are needing a more fitting and desirable place to worship. As we welcome them we welcome the Lord Jesus Christ. 

It is our desire for a smooth transition. We have been meeting during the week to resolve issues of finance, space, classroom usage, and much more. Please be in prayer as we launch into this endeavor beginning on Sunday Morning February the 18th. 


Travis Cox